About Us

After learning our trade in reputable multinationals throughout the globe for many years, we gathered to create a knowledge hub that would allow us to continuously excel by sharing and exchanging our experiences of operating within Africa.

Goelan Consulting began as a discussion forum and developed into a successful consulting firm that now aims to be the one stop firm for all entrepreneurs and companies willing to position themselves strategically on the African continent.

We can proudly state that we know and understand Africa,-Its complexity and unique challenges.
All our solutions are fully customised to our client’s needs.

Our services includes: business facilitations, sourcing and procurement, strategic planning, market studies and project management.

Through our network we are able to facilitate your incorporations and relations with local authorities and institutions.

Our panel of consultants will analyse, advise, plan, design and execute processes that offer you a competitive advantage in your market.

Our Values

At Goelan Consulting, we strongly believe in the old fashion values of hard work and integrity.

We have placed all our efforts in eradicating the notion that business in Africa is steeped in corruption and unethical practices. We offer and deliver fair and just service.

In addition to our consultants helping you define the new objectives of your company, and identifying ways to increase your current level of performance, we are most certain that you would adhere to our values and ethics on your road to success.

Our Partners


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